Growing out with a bang!

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Hair we grow again, one last time

This is our fourth and final year as Unshaven Mavens. We’ve had an incredible experience growing with you in solid-hair-ity, supporting Rethink Breast Cancer and raising hair-wareness of the importance of early detection of lumps under the arms. Thanks to the support and generosity of our  Mavens, Mavericks, friends and family, we’ve raised more than $30,000 since 2011 for Rethink’s Live, Laugh, Learn program here in Ottawa. We’re kicking off this year with high hopes and asking you to help us reach our $15,000 goal. Think we can do it? HAIR yeah!

As always, we’re ever so grateful for the support of our partners and sponsors. And this year is no exception.

We’re excited to announce a fun partnership with Knifewear Ottawa! They will be hosting a Pit Prep Party in September in support of our campaign! Stay tuned for more details and check out their beautiful shaving products for men AND women.

The fine folk at Beau’s have become family, going above and beyond each year and inviting us to take part in their incredibly successful Oktoberfest fundraising activities. We’ll be centre stage for our annual shave-a-thon and we’ll also have our very own pop-up “Chop shop” where the lovely ladies of Salon My Place will be cutting hair for donations.

terra20 is a local success story and a wonderful ambassador for healthy beauty products. Once again, they are graciously hosting our one and only Pit Stop at their Wellington West location the evening of Thursday, October 16th.

In keeping with our Debbie Harry-meets-Joan Jet theme, we’ll be rockin’ out for our final Pit Bash and Com-pit-ition at House of TARGThere you’ll enjoy all of the sights and sounds of this barcade (arcade/bar) while stuffing yourself with delicious perogies and competing to determine who takes home prizes for “Pit Boss(most funds raised by an individual), “Best Pit Crew(most funds raised by a team), ”Jolie Pit(nicest pit), “Brad Pit(hairiest pit), “Pitiful(least hair growth),  and the “Chia Pit” (most hair growth in the first 2 weeks).

So grab your friends, ditch the razor, and get ready to kick some ass!


Registration opens: September 1
Clean Shave Day: October 1
Mavens at Oktoberfest: October 3-4
Pit Stop at terra20: October 16
Pit Bash at House of TARG: October 30

Another campaign over…

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On Friday, November 1, we celebrated the end of our 2013 campaign at Overkill with friends, family and supporters. It was honestly the best Pit Bash we’ve had so far with great energy and loads of fun. We were proud to present the lovely Ashley from Rethink Breast Cancer with a cheque for $13,000! Well done mavens and mavericks!

ICYMI: Here’s a wrap up video that the great folks at Jackpine put together for our Pit Bash


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We’re less than a week away from celebrating the end of our 2013 campaign. It’s been a great month infused with enthusiasm and support. We are so thankful for your efforts and can’t wait to party with you this Friday at our 3rd annual Pit Bash.

Unshaven Mavens Pit Bash 2013
Overkill Bar (56 Byward Market Square, lower level)
Friday, November 1st, 2013 / 
Free / All welcome (19+)


We have more active participants than ever before and we’re asking you to give your fundraising efforts one last push to help us get closer to our goal of $15,000! And don’t forget, we have fab prizes in store for our seven categories.

What’s in store for this year’s PIT BASH?

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite things: pictures, candy, beer and bubbly! OK, so that’s four, but who’s counting? As you know by now, we Mavens love a good photo op, so we decided to setup a photobooth complete with props. Speaking of props, Halloween might be over, but we’ll be serving up some sweets in the Candy Pit. Our übber friends from Beau’s will be on hand to not only judge in the compitition, but to participate in it as well! All this and a few more surprises up our sleeve. Oh… wait! ;)

So round up your friends and family, and join us for a night of hair-larity.

Purple & Power | The final Pit Stop 2013 at terra20

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terra20 has been incredibly generous with their time and support for the Unshaven Mavens this year. On Friday, October 25, they hosted the Mavens and any wandering customer to celebrate our last Pit Stop of the year at their Pinecrest location.

After some chit chatting, eating of cookies and tea drinking, Rebecca of Purple Urchin talked about the characteristics of harmful chemicals that are most often found in beauty products and Anna Barone of Victory Performance Centre discussed the importance of mindful eating, establishing a sustainable fitness regime and weight training.

We felt it was important to incorporate an educational element to at least one of our pit stops this year and this one was so fun and helpful that we may kick off next year’s first Pit Stop with a similar format.

Big love goes out to our Mavens who came out and showed us their pit progress (see below). You are the essence of this campaign and we thank you for being so rad and lovely. Thank you to the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre for their work and representative Tanya Farlinger who stopped by for a visit and to drop off some brochures for our guests. Stay tuned for our collaboration with the OICC in 2014.

And now, les pit pics:

image_5 image_4 image_3 image_2 image_1 image

Thanks to Kate&Suz for letting us use the Pitlaroid frame:)

Homecoming at Booby U

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Only Torontonians could make geek so chic. Plaid dress shirts, ties, fitted cardigans, tweed, corduroy…we could go on. This year’s Boobyball party, themed “Booby U” was a fab cornucopia of academic style from cheerleaders to nerds and everything in between. We donned our best preppy chic, inspired by Animal House. Thank you for your outfit votes! It was fun being preppy for a day and rockin’ the pearls. Big love to our friends at Rethink who invited us to attend and who worked so hard all year to throw the best fundraising party of the season. They successfully raised more than $270,000 in one night. We’d say that deserves an A+.

Now that's a statement wall!

Now that’s a statement wall!